Kuan Yin Bracelet with Lapis or Rose Quartz

Kuan Yin Bracelet with Lapis or Rose Quartz - SIMPLY SOFIA
Kuan Yin Bracelet with Lapis or Rose Quartz - SIMPLY SOFIA
$36.00 USD

KUAN YIN - Mary and Kuan Yin - The saintly Blessed Virgin Mary and the eternally compassionate Kwan Yin are the most popular manifestations of the divine female for those who worship within. 'She who hears the weeping world,' is the Chinese Buddhist Bodhisatva of Compassion. She lives on her island paradise of P'u T'o Shan where she is said to grant every prayer she hears. She is so powerful that even the mention of her name will ease suffering and hardship. Choosing to remain in this world after having attained enlightenment, Kuan Yin has vowed to retain human form until all beings attain enlightenment. Kuan Yin is the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy and Compassion and a manifestation of the Divine Mother. Many think of her as the Buddhist Madonna who serves mankind in the same manner as the Mother of Jesus Christ, Mary. Kuan Yin is the Eastern equivalent of the West’s Mother Mary with parallel identities and qualities.
She is also believed to be like the Green Tara in Tibetan culture, the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, and many other ancient goddesses, the matriarchy of old. Kuan Yin is generally regarded by many as the protector of women and children. By this association, she is also seen as a fertility goddess capable of granting children to couples. Both have vowed to come to the aid of all who call upon them for help. Both are the protectors of children, of mothers and childbirth, of sailors and the sea. Both are the givers of mercy, of comfort during hardship and sorrows, and of mediation between the helpless and powerful forces. Both offer salvation to their followers. (Kuan Yin offers salvation by leading the way to enlightenment for those who still suffer; Mary is Co-Redemptrix in eternal salvation.) Both are worshiped with a proliferation of shrines and statues, with elaborate litanies, prayers, and festivals, and with pilgrimages. The devotees of both Mary and Kuan Yin report numerous miracles and apparitions. Both symbolize the surviving Face of The Goddess for those in traditional religions, East and West. (source : http://www.northernway.org/twm

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