The Quiet Mind

The Quiet Mind - SIMPLY SOFIA
The Quiet Mind - SIMPLY SOFIA
$32.00 USD

SIMPLY SOFIA: The Quiet Mind (sayings of White Eagle) and a specific client/kindred spirit of sorts proved to be the “catalyst” for this Shamballa Bracelet.  This past full moon truly provoked indescribable physical, intellectual and spiritual sensations I had never felt before.  I kept to myself,  in my own space working with my energy and that of the Ascendant Guides.

If your work does not seem to be developing as you hoped, do not be despondent or disheartened, but be thankful that you are being trained for greater initiations.  No great or good work is ever accomplished without patient preparation.   Every detail of the soul’s work must be perfectly done.  So be patient in your work, and especially with all the happiness of your daily life. 🙏🏻

This Shamballa bracelet is made with quality 10mm matte & polished gemstones.  Tibetan & Native American Agates, Jaspers, Labradorite, Lava Stone & African Turquoise are some of the diverse gemstones featured here - and for all of the above, I am grateful. ♥️

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