Kat Wraps ~ A Mother & Daughter Collaboration

Kat Wraps ~ A Mother & Daughter Collaboration
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(A Katrina Campins Contribution)

My mother instilled a sense of self in me at a very young age. There is nothing she would not do for me. She sparked my fire and inspired me to follow my bliss. It is because of her that I believed I could do and be anything. Now is my moment to encourage her to fulfill her purpose. She has a deep desire to inspire and help others through her healing stones which she creates with her own hands. I introduce our collaboration, your own shield of light.
Yes! Real Estate is my passion and business not jewelry but I wear all my mom’s pieces on a daily basis so I collaborated with her and designed Kat Wraps! Enjoy! 😇🙏♥️✨ Oh! And my mom and I shot the campaign together! Just us with my own hair and makeup and my iPhone! www.ShopSimplySofia.com #family #jewelry #mom #daughter #collaboration #inspire #heal #love #reiki #energy #malas #katwraps #shiedoflight #motherdaughter #shotoniphone #iphoneshot


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