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Star of Bethlehem

The icon of Simply Sofia is the most magnificent of events which came to be known as the Star of Bethlehem.  This “star” is most symbolic because there are only two possible explanations for what it was; an extremely rare celestial event or/and a miracle from God. Theologians and Astronomers have convincing theories, but regardless of the answer to the question of whether the star of Bethlehem was actually a star at all, the undeniable fact remains that this powerful guiding light led the three Wise Men directly to Jesus.  

The striking magnitude of the Heavens and the Earth sits at the crux of Simply Sofia and the Star is a reminder of its oneness. Just as the three Wise Men were led South by "the star in the East", we too are guided by an endless light that may lead to infinite possibilities. The icon of Simply Sofia is a constant reminder that there is a brilliant star inside each and every one of us because we are all made of radiant stars. 

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