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The truth is a beautiful thing, as it frees your mind, soul and spirit. All my life , I was encouraged, in "conservative terms", to "keep it in the family". As a result, my voice has been stifled. Having said that, I am known as "the black sheep" in the family, the free spirited, the bazaar, the one that created her own rhythm and danced to it. A self proclaimed night owl, possibly because I so yearn for silence of mind and spirit, I vibrate at my best when my surroundings find comfort in the darkness of the night. The voice that speaks to me awakens a creativity of sorts.

I find passion in the smallest of thoughts, and love capturing the moments of pure ecstasy that confirm my blessings. Interesting enough, as I watch the clock bypass that enchanting midnight hour where I turn one year older today, a compilation of life events come into play. I reckon it is time for me to verbalize or jot down a synopsis of sorts - tellings of my life events as far as I can remember. Today, I celebrate ME, proud and free of all restrains society places upon us. I can finally say without reservation that I love myself. I am living my truth, my way. This truth is confirmed by my deep rooted love for life, humanity and freedom best depicted by the branches within me that have sprung, bold and beautiful, intertwined with each other coupled by reflection of my life's events. I am strength of mind, wisdom in the making and the dire passion to speak the voice of my heart as Simply Sofia. Namaste.


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