Gotta Have It: White Howlite Wraps the Cross ✝️

Gotta Have It: White Howlite Wraps the Cross ✝️
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Howlite with Cross

WHITE HOWLITE WRAPS THE CROSS - White Howlite is a stone of awareness, of peace, knowledge and thus humility. Only when you are true to yourself will you discover the power of this stone.

In these times of turmoil, we sometimes lose ourselves never experiencing the vital importance of being in the moment. If you seek to achieve a better understanding of yourself, of people, of the world, and of life itself, Howlite should be your go-to stone!

It will give you the gift of wisdom and enlightenment. It can help you connect to higher realms and remove the veils that are blocking the truths in your life.
It can clear communication and strengthen your reasoning. It can also encourage emotional expression. The energies of Howlite will promote self-awareness as well as awareness of your surroundings, thus promoting compassion and selflessness on your part. PYRITE - sheds light and clarifies mental processes. It allows us to take life in our hands and be active in the world. As for what the sideways cross means, there are several theories. Many people consider the horizontal cross to be just another version of the upright cross—a symbol of Jesus Christ and Christianity. Others attach a more detailed meaning: the sideways cross becomes a symbol of Jesus’ finished work—having procured our salvation, He has laid His cross down—or it is a symbol of how we are to take up our cross and follow Jesus (Luke 9:23)—a cross carried over one’s shoulder would normally be in a horizontal position. Be a positive force, be the LIGHT and God Bless!!!!


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