The Benefits of Purchasing Platinum Jewelry

The Benefits of Purchasing Platinum Jewelry
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Today we are going to highlight the benefits of purchasing platinum jewelry.  Many people choose to purchase fine jewelry set in white gold, dismissing platinum as costly, but when you make the investment upfront for platinum it always ends up paying off in the long run.  

While you may not want to spend extra money on trendy jewelry pieces made with platinum, there are a few instances where purchasing the latter is undoubtably worth considering. Platinum is far stronger than gold and as such, a more secure setting for diamond jewelry. Below are the features of platinum as well as a comparison chart of the differences between it and white gold, courtesy of Stuller.  



  • Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold.
  • Platinum is the most pure precious metal — 95% pure platinum.
  • Platinum holds diamonds more securely than gold.
  • Platinum is a true white metal and requires no plating.
  • Platinum feels significant and is heavier than gold.

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